Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good Morning :)

Dating is hard. For today's young people, dating has been streamlined through the use of apps and online dating and technology. Young couples are in constant communication throughout the day and it's just darn exhausting. What's a cute, reasonable, strong, independent, awesome gal to do? Have I mentioned, I'm kind of a catch?

Sooo......I did it. I joined the 21 century of dating! I am now online.  So long story short.... 

I kind of met this guy online and we started chatting. And by chatting I mean texting. Let's be honest, no one likes to talk on the phone anymore. So right off the bat, he texted "Good morning :)" I thought, "Ok. That's sweet." Then again the next day..."Good morning :)" And would you guess what I woke up to the next day? "Good morning :)" We have been talking for like four days!! FOUR days!! One date!!! I don't know how to deal with this.... I can't even adult right now.  

(Disclaimer: This is not an actual text from the suitor in question. Thanks Tumblr!)

After chatting it through, we have noticed that this is a pattern! An epidemic! It's happening to cute, reasonable, strong, independent, awesome girls all over the east coast! All over the country! All over the planet!!! Gentleman - listen up! We  cute, reasonable, strong, independent, awesome ladies like to be complimented and wooed, but after one date we are *not* virtually waking up together everyday. Stop smothering us! Take a step back and plan a nice date instead! We just want to be fed. Compliment our brains and accomplishments. We've worked hard to become so  cute, reasonable, strong, independent, and awesome. All we need is for you to let us know you see it sometimes. Until next time - be kind to one another!

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