Friday, September 25, 2015

And we’re off! Maybe….

Ellen and I spent this fine Friday traveling up to the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon in New Jersey! It is Ellen’s first half and I am so excited! We planned this trip for months and last night we decided we would leave around 9 and take our sweet time getting up the coast. So at 8:30 I texted her and said I was gonna be a little later than we planned…probably closer to 10. I left my house right at 10 and got to Ellen’s. We packed up her car and weren’t off her street before I exclaimed, “I FORGOT MY SHIRT AND BRA!” I washed them last night so they’d be super fresh for the race tomorrow, but they were still wet when I left this morning, so I didn’t put them in my suitcase. So, we made the detour all the way back to my house. On the way, we’re chatting casually when Ellen screamed out loud. There was a giant bug crawling up the window INSIDE THE CAR! We removed the bug, got gas, put air in the tires, got the shirt, and *finally* made it to I-95.

So, here are 10 steps to taking an awesome, race weekend, getaway, road trip:

1.      Always forget something so important that you required to turn around and get it.
2.      Lots of good music. Preferably something that you can singalong and dance to.
3.      Steal your pilot’s cell phone and snapchat everyone.
4.      Drink lots of coffee.
5.      Hydrate because running.
6.      Eat all the food. #getinmybelly Bonus points if you nearly get run over multiple times in the Chik-fil-a parking lot.
7.      Make sure the co-pilot *actually* is a great navigator.
8.      Lots of bathroom breaks. Bonus points if you can selfie with the Pope at a potty stop!

9.      Check ahead of time that your hotel has late checkout available. Guess we won’t have a shower after the race :/
10.  Have fun! Really, if you’re not enjoying yourself, you are wasting time!

It’s gonna be a good weekend y’all! Time to keep hydrating and snuggle up in bed! See you on the other side :D

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