Sunday, August 30, 2015

And so it begins....

Hi friends!!!
Welcome to our blog: 5 Miles with Katie!

I'm Katie!

I am a 24 year old Occupational Therapy Assistant Student living on the East Coast. I really like reading and puppies and crafts and glitter!

And I'm Ellen! I am a teacher! I live on the East Coast, too! And I like dancing! And music! And eating lots of good food!

(Disclaimer: I am not the shark girl...)

We really like going on awesome adventures, like going to Disney World and line dancing and whatever else sounds like fun! Last September, I posted a link on Facebook for a color run in our area and Katie jumped at the idea. This was the beginning of our joint running adventures. Since Katie was training for a half marathon, we started weekly runs with dinner. On these runs, we always chatted about WHATEVER! 

Fast-forward about a year, to a couple weeks ago - Ellen and I were on a long run leading up to *her* first half marathon and chatting about just all the things. The topic of our conversation turned to how I accidentally signed up for a marathon and how on earth am I going to keep myself entertained on a 22-mile long training run. We decided that the best way would be to have friends sign up to run "5 Miles with Katie." The endorphins were flowing, so we decided it would be a GREAT IDEA to start a blog! So here we are!

Our blog will consist of all the wonderful things we discuss on our runs - from bizarre and crazy to serious and meaningful. We will keep you posted on our fun races, our cheering for friends, and our volunteering to help the world (or just runners at races). 

Welcome friends! We hope you stick around and see what's in store!