Monday, September 7, 2015

Awkward Movie Arm

Since Katie was not in town to run with me, I tried to think about all of the crazy things we have talked about on our runs, so that I could add them to the list. Awkward movie arm popped into my head and I could not stop laughing for a good minute or two. The people at the playground I was running by were looking at me funny.

Let me set the stage and then, I will tell you the story as I told Katie....

Katie and I were running around the neighborhood and chatting, as we always do. We were just about to finish up (we were about 100 feet from her house, and dinner) and I remembered this story I had to tell her, which added about 30 minutes onto our run..... 

A friend of mine wanted to set me up with some guy (let's call him Mr. Dance). She knew him from these line dancing classes she goes to. I thought.... Why Not?! If it doesn't work out, at least I get a free dinner out of it. Right!?

So we had an initial meet up. Mr. Dance loves dancing and I love dancing, so I thought why not meet him at line dancing. I gathered up the crew and we headed out for a fun night of a few drinks and some dancing. I had to bring the crew in case he was a total jerk, I needed back up. But we all had a good time getting our grooves on. There were a few partner dances, and he asked me to dance with him, which I thought as nice. He did try to spin me a little too much, but I was getting a little dizzier than normal (if you catch my drift), so we had to stop that. Mr. Dance was very nice guy, but he was really into dancing. I mean really, really into dancing. I didn't know how I felt about that, because dancing was/is always my thing. So we parted our way for the night.

He finally texted me a few days latter to ask me to dinner and movie. We met up at Outback before the movie. We shared some delicious Cheese Fries and I had a drink and chicken tacos. We engaged in conversation. Nothing too crazy. I am good at talking about random things, so that helped. But I was not seeing any fireworks or even sparklers. So I kind of had a feeling I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere, but I wasn't going to leave without going to the movie. We were going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron! I was beyond excited, for the movie!! He drove us from dinner to the movies.

We got there and got our seats. We ended up sitting right be hind the handicap seats, so there was a bar for me to put my feet up on. The movie started and I had my feet up, my knees bent and I had my elbows resting on my knees. I felt like a little kid at Christmas! I was soo excited! I was even bouncing in my seat. Mr. Dance insisted on buying popcorn and a drink. I was so full from dinner, I don't know how he ate any of it. I told him he could go it and I would save seats.

Through out the movie, I would change sitting positions from sitting on my knees, to feet on the floor, to back to the way I started. I have "old" knees, and hips, so I can't always get comfortable or stay comfortable for very long. Anyway.... About half way into the movie I am back to my feet up, and I am leaning forward kind of hugging my bent knees. Then, all of the sudden I feel his arm around me. But It was in a weird place, around the middle of my back, not my shoulders, the middle of my back (probably because I wasn't sitting like a normal person). Then, of course, I wanted to move because I was not longer comfortable sitting like that. So I tried to sit up, but his arm was still in the middle of my back, not on my shoulders (where a typical guy would put his arm). So I was still uncomfortable. So finally I was able to deal with it. "Whatever. Just watch and enjoy the movie." Throughout the rest of the movie I can feel his arm twitch randomly (aka, it is falling asleep), or it would shake because he was trying to hold it in an awkward spot.  All I could think was,"YOU CAN MOVE YOUR ARM! IT'S TOTALLY OK." But, Nope, there it remained. Finally, the movie came to an end. I LOVED IT! The movie that is.

After the movie he leans over and this was our conversation:
Mr. Dance - "I wanted to do that the entire movie, but I was nervous."     
Me - "I could tell. But you didn't have to keep your arm there the entire time."
Mr. Dance. - "You were nervous, weren't you?"
Me - "Nope {I was uncomfortable, that's what I was!!!}. I was fine, I could tell your arm was falling asleep though."  "Let's head out."

So we walked out and to his car. We kind of talked a little about the movie. Get in his car for the 5 minute drive to mine and all I could think was, "Please don't try to kiss me. PLEASE don't try to kiss me. PLEASE DON'T TRY TO KISS ME!" We got to my car I told him I had a nice time, and I would talk to him later.

I got in my car, and the entire drive home, I was trying to figure out how I felt about all of it. I had a nice time, but I didn't see any sparks. I thought about the awkward movie arm lots too! Why didn't he just move his arm? Why was he telling me that he was nervous and why was he trying to tell me I was nervous? I was most nervous that he was going to try to kiss me! Soooo didn't not want that to happen.

Basically, what I learned was: to be nice to everyone and every guy you meet is not going to be the one. But, dating is actually petty fun!        

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